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Zeszyt CCCLIX (3) 2004

Michał Sznajder, Lucyna Przezbórska

Identification of rural and agri-tourism products and services

Identyfikacja produktów i usług turystyki wiejskiej i agroturystyki

Abstract: Economists commonly refer to “products” and “services”, but in aligned with agricultural tourism and rural tourism these terms are supplemented with “experience”, “adventure” and “imponderability”. Each of these latter terms helps to explain the experiences of the tourist, where a wide variety of products, services, experiences and adventures are offered. An analysis of recent agri-tourism and rural tourism products reveals that some of them are rural or agriculturally elated and the others are “artificial” and do not belong to rural areas. As a result there is a necessity to arrange and classify rural and agri-tourism products and services. To assist in resolving the confu-sion and misunderstanding rural and agri-tourism products and services matrix has been devel-oped. Rural and agri-tourism products and services have been grouped into nine clusters, includ-ing: accommodation, gastronomy, real agri-tourism, direct sale, ethnography, sport, therapy and health-related products, recreation, entertainment.

Keywords: agritourism, classification, imponderables, product, rural tourism, service

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For citation: 2004 Identification of rural and agri-tourism products and services. . Rocz. AR Pozn. 359,Ekonomia 3: 165 - 177;