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Zeszyt 1 (15) 2010

Zbigniew Gołaś, Mariusz Ścibek

Analysis of changes tendency on the polish beer market

Analiza tendencji zmian na polskim rynku piwa

Abstract: The article shows the analysis of Polish beer market in progress. On the basis of the carried out research it can be stated that Polish beer industry can be rated as one of the most modern hi-tech in the world. It is caused by cooperation of foreign investors with the Polish market which has resulted in a strong consolidation and separating of three major breweries owning almost 90% of the national beer market. Very tough competition between huge producers has also brought benefits to consumers who have received better quality product at a lower price. Moreover, changes in consumers’ habits have occurred. This is described by reduction in consumption of hard liquors on behalf of soft alcohols with the major position of beer. Polish beer market is close to satisfying consumers’ demands. Beer consumption per one inhabitant in Poland is close to European mean but its development will not be so dynamic as before. The situation is caused by the risk arising from the law which is not clear. Moreover, increasing fiscal aggravations and costs of production which due to the increase of prices of raw materials are also critical.
Abstract in polish: W artykule przedstawiono tendencje zmian na polskim rynku piwa. Analizowano produkcję i sprzedaż piwa, handel zagraniczny piwem, marki i konsumpcję piwa w latach 1999-2004.

Keywords: beer market, sale and production, export and import, mark and consumption of beer, Poland

Keywords in polish: rynek piwa, sprzedaż i produkcja, export i import, marki i konsumpcja piwa, Polska

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MLA Gołaś, Zbigniew, and Mariusz Ścibek. "Analiza tendencji zmian na polskim rynku piwa ." J. Agribus. Rural Dev. 15.1 (2010): 67-80.
APA Zbigniew Gołaś, Mariusz Ścibek (2010). Analiza tendencji zmian na polskim rynku piwa . J. Agribus. Rural Dev. 15 (1), 67-80
ISO 690 GOłAś, Zbigniew, ŚCIBEK, Mariusz. Analiza tendencji zmian na polskim rynku piwa . J. Agribus. Rural Dev., 2010, 15.1: 67-80.
Corresponding address:
dr hab. Zbigniew Gołaś, Katedra Ekonomiki Przedsiębiorstw Agrobiznesu, Uniwersytet Przyrodniczy w Poznaniu, ul. Wojska Polskiego 28, 60-637 Poznań, Poland
Authors email: