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Zeszyt CCCLXXVII (5) 2006

Władysława Łuczka-Bakuła, Lidia Jabłońska-Porzuczek

Structural pensions and earlier retirements

Renty strukturalne a wcześniejsze emerytury

Abstract: Poland, undertaking the activities aiming at rural areas development has introduced structural pensions. These pensions increase the income level of rural areas inhabitants as well as the competitiveness and rentability of agriculture. Moreover, the structural pensions influence the decrease of state expenditure on insurance paid out by Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (ASIF).

Keywords: early retirement, structural pensions, state expenditures on social insurance

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For citation: Łuczka-Bakuła W., Jabłońska-Porzuczek L. 2006 Structural pensions and earlier retirements. . Rocz. AR Pozn. 377,Ekonomia 5: 191 - 201;