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Zeszyt CCCLXVII (4) 2005

Anna Wielicka, Elżbieta Goryńska-Goldmann

World and Poland per capita cheese consumption

Konsumpcja serów per capita w Polsce i na świecie

Abstract: Cheese represents vast share in consumption of dairy products as one third of collected milk is used by cheese-makers. This is one of the rare dairy products, which per capita consumption increases even in developed countries. The paper investigates changes in per capita consumption and links them with projections for Polish cheese-making industry and consumers.

Keywords: cheese, consumer, consumption, dairy products, dairy

PDF in in english Full text available in english in Adobe Acrobat format:

For citation: 2005 World and Poland per capita cheese consumption. . Rocz. AR Pozn. 367,Ekonomia 4: 157 - 166;