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Zeszyt CCCLXVII (4) 2005

Grażyna Adamczyk

Food preferences of young consumers on the example of milk

Preferencje żywieniowe młodych konsumentów na przykładzie mleka

Abstract: This paper presents results of research related to preferences and attitudes of young consumers (at the age of 10-17 years) on the example of milk. It was shown, among other things, that milk is a product consumed often, mainly because of nutritive value, good taste and positive influence on health. Average consumption of milk – about 2.5 glasses a day is similar to average daily level recommended by food science. Younger children consume milk in lower quantities, usually to meals in different forms. For teenagers milk is mainly a beverage, and they drink it in higher quantities, usually impulsively without any special occasion.

Keywords: milk, preferences, consumption, market of young consumer

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For citation: 2005 Food preferences of young consumers on the example of milk. . Rocz. AR Pozn. 367,Ekonomia 4: 3 - 9;