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Zeszyt CCCXLIII (1) 2002

Grażyna Adamczyk, Szymon Tarant, Anna Trębacz

Consumer behaviour on liquid milk market

Zachowania konsumentów na rynku mleka spożywczego

Abstract: . Results of consumer researches showed that milk is still a very popular and invaluable component of food model of Polish consumer. Only the consumer preferences were changing in relation to sort of milk, the form of its package or place of buying and quantity of buying. The main objective of this paper was to show selected aspects of consumer behaviors associated with liquid milk on the instance of Poznań city households.

Keywords: liquid milk, consumption, preferences, consumer behaviours

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For citation: 2002 Zachowania konsumentów na rynku mleka spożywczego. . Rocz. AR Pozn. 343,Ekonomia 1: 43 - 52;