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Zeszyt CCCXLIII (1) 2002

Szymon Tarant

Analysis of development tendency in potato production in Poland in the nineties

Analiza tendencji w produkcji ziemniaków w Polsce w latach dziewięćdziesiątych

Abstract: Downward tendency in potato production in the years 1980-1998 was a result of the declining of area of agricultural land and fluctuation in the crop production issued from the variation of the yields. The main reasons for reducing of a potato sown area include a decrease in the competitiveness of potatoes as a fodder, changes in the collectivized agriculture sector and the reduction in demand for potatoes from the processing industry.

Keywords: potatoes, production, agricultural area, yields

PDF in in polish Full text available in polish in Adobe Acrobat format:

For citation: 2002 Analiza tendencji w produkcji ziemniaków w Polsce w latach dziewięćdziesiątych. . Rocz. AR Pozn. 343,Ekonomia 1: 193 - 203;