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Zeszyt CCCLXVII (4) 2005

Michał Sznajder, Olga Krusińska, Anna Wielicka

Tendencje w polskim mleczarstwie

Review of dairy sector in Poland

Abstract: The paper presents general situation in Polish dairy. The sector thrives on concentration in milk production. Dairy farms increase herd-size, some ineffective dairy farms go out of business as milk production requires vast investments due to high hygiene standards and economies of scale. Changes result in rising effectiveness as milk yield grows, and on farm use decreases. After collapse in 1989 and downward trend in 90’s production of basic products like milk, butter and fermented drinks increases. Situation on goods export market is highly affected by global prices. However the development of the production depends on milk quota, which will limit Polish dairy in future. Overall consumption is declining. On the upward trend is only cheese. These tendencies are consistent with the changes in Western Europe.

Słowa kluczowe: dairy, dairy industry, dairy farming, consumption, dairy products

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For citation: 2005 Michał Sznajder, Olga Krusińska, Anna Wielicka, 2005. Tendencje w polskim mleczarstwie. J. Agribus. Rural Dev. (4), 113 - 125. . Rocz. AR Pozn. 367,Ekonomia 4: 113 - 125;