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“Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development” publishes original scientific articles in Polish and English.


Note! The editors of "Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development" quarterly lead the policy of ghostwriting and guest authorship prevention.


General requirements and technical preparation of articles:

  1. The length of articles should not exceed 12 printed pages of the A4 format, including graphics and tables.
  2. The text should be typed in Times New Roman 12 pts font, at an interline spacing of 1.5. Fragments of the text can be distinguished with e.g. italics or bold type. However, letters, words or sentences must not be underlined.
  3. Figures, photographs, charts (in a grayscale) and tables should be numbered consecutively. The size of a figure must not exceed the B5 format (12.5 × 19.5 cm). Captions under figures and texts included in the figures must be bilingual: in Polish and English. Figures and tables can be placed near their reference in the basic text.


Layout of the article:

  • Title of article
  • Author’s name (first name and surname)
  • Name of scientific institution (affiliation)
  • Abstract (max. 200 words) – structured abstract is applied. It refers to all consecutive sections of the article, i.e. the introduction, research materials and methods used in the article and the most significant research findings and conclusions.
  • Key words (max. 6) 
  • Main text 
  • References
  • Corresponding author – in the following order: university degree, first name, surname, name of scientific institution (department, faculty, university), university address, author's e-mail


When making reference to other authors’ publications, the name and year must be provided in parentheses in chronological order (Kowalski 2005, Nowak 2007) or ... according to Kowalski (2005).

The references must be listed in alphabetical order under the APA standards (http://www.apastyle.org).


Bartkowiak, N., Poczta, W. (2012). Czynniki rozwoju obszarów wiejskich w Wielkopolsce (page numbers). Poznań: Wyd. UP

Edited book

Domańska-Baer, A., Suchoń, A. (eds). (2014). Ochrona własności intelektualnej. Wybrane zagadnienia prawne (page numbers). Poznań: Wyd. UP,


Autor, A. (2014). Chapter title. In: A. Domańska-Baer, A. Suchoń (eds), Ochrona własności intelektualnej. Wybrane zagadnienia prawne (page numbers). Poznań: Wyd. UP.

Journal article

Suchoń, A. (2014). Perpetual usufruct of agricultural lands – selected legal and financial issues. J. Agribus. Rural Dev., 4(34), page numbers.


Autor, A. (2015). Title. Accessed 20 May 2015, available from: www.stronainternetowa.pl

If no autor: Biotechnologia (2011). Accessed 20 May 2015, available from: https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biotechnologia

Legal reference

Ustawa z dnia 29 maja 2015 r. o zmianie ustawy o lasach oraz niektórych innych ustaw (2011). Dz.U. poz. 671.

Rozporządzenie Rady (WE) nr 1258/99 z dnia 17 maja 1999 r. w sprawie finansowania wspólnej polityki rolnej (1999). Dz. Urz. WE L 160 z 26.6.1999, page numbers.



If Authors wish to provide information about the source of financing of the results of studies published in our quarterly, the Editors print such information.


Sending articles:

Please, send your articles to the editorial assistant by e-mail: editor@jard.edu.pl with an attached statement of the article originality signed by the author:

Author’s statement