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Ghostwriting and guest authorship prevention

The editors of “Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development” quarterly lead the policy of ghostwriting and guest authorship prevention.

Ghostwriting is the case of contributing a publication without revealing one’s participation as one of the authors or without reference to their role in the acknowledgments in the publication.

Guest authorship (honorary authorship) is the case of insignificant contribution of the author or its complete absence and nevertheless being the author or co-author of the publication.

The editors reserve the right to reveal all aspects of scientific dishonesty, i.e. failure to comply with actions eliminating the occurrence of the aforementioned practices.

The editors require that Authors should reveal individual co-authors’ contribution to the publication (a statement of individual affiliations and contribution should be provided, i.e. the information who is the author of the concepts, assumptions, methods, protocol, etc. used to prepare the publication). However, the author submitting the manuscript will chiefly be held responsible.


The ghostwriting and guest authorship prevention procedure in "Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development" quarterly was written according to the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.